7 Panel T-Cube Saliva Drug Test




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T-Cup® – 25 units per box. ($4.20/each)

Panel Configuration AMP | COC | MET | OPI | PCP

Product Description

T-Cube® One Step Multi-Drug Oral Fluid Test Cube is a rapid oral fluid screening test. The test is a lateral flow, one-step immunoassay for the qualitative detection of specific drugs and their metabolites in human oral fluid.

  • Saliva Saturation Indicator Ensures Sufficient Specimen Volume is Collected
  • Convenient Rapid Screening
  • Eliminates Need for Gender-Specific Observation
  • Limits Adulteration and Tampering
  • Drug Test Results in 5 Minutes
  • Employment and Insurance Saliva Drug Testing
  • Sold in boxes of 25 tests