Saliva Alcohol Screens

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  • alcoscreen

    Saliva Alcohol Screen - AlcoScreen - CLIA & DOT Approved

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  • QED Saliva Alcohol Test swabs

    Saliva Alcohol Screen - QED - DOT approved

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Saliva alcohol screens offer several advantages in specific situations:

  • Non-invasive: Unlike breathalyzers, they require no blowing into a device, making them a more comfortable option.
  • Potential extended detection window: Saliva can sometimes show traces of alcohol consumption for longer than breath (up to 24 hours compared to a few hours for breath). This can be useful in DUI investigations where breath tests might miss recent alcohol intake.
  • Rapid results: Similar to breathalyzers, saliva tests provide quick results, allowing for prompt assessment.

However, it’s crucial to understand their limitations:

  • Less accurate: Saliva tests are generally considered less precise than breathalyzers for estimating BAC.
  • Greater susceptibility to external factors: Food, drinks, medications, and even oral hygiene can significantly influence the test results.

Therefore, saliva screens are primarily used as preliminary screening tools. A positive result should be followed by a more reliable method like a blood test to determine the exact BAC for legal or medical purposes.